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Qu Yuan as Heaven , intended for the world tracing the source of the poor . Visible ancients and nature of the problem we are now thinking about the same. Where will the end of heaven and earth ? Just how vast world ? Just how long life time ? How long will the survival of mankind and in the end ? If one day the demise of mankind , whether the universe will fall from dead ? Human existence , where the river of time , whether short enough to be negligible ? If so, then the human existence, what is the point ? After the demise of mankind , after all creatures are destroyed , take another long before the birth of the universe to life again ? In the life of being born , will be similar to human intelligence evolved species ? They will be the same whether the poor and humans ? Often laugh , cry too often , often shouting match , also often melee ? Are they too greedy , like endlessly occupy ? Do they have the name of the pursuit of nothingness , competition for real profits, like hurt others , like hurting yourself ? They are like humans too sad hollister outlet uk locations?

Looking forward to the game and did not do so in the snow came , the tears of widows and orphans who still remain in the stream flow ah ~ unstable molecules in the blood is still burning . Wei Jing lowly in wealth still distinct . Often envy those who climb Everest tear watching snow Kuanghao broken voice : "Hey, I stand on top of the world, I want to conquer the world ." Eat grapes are sour grapes to say , this is not just psychological Fox Yes, human beings have , and each person has . I often think of those who say envy rhetoric on Everest , while constantly consoled himself "The world is ours, and also you, but ultimately , who is not the Earth is round , so do not think that station Everest tall qualify tear broken voice shout slogans "I stand on top of the world " kind of bullshit nonsense . blind proud of what kind of strength , the other end of the earth people, you're under their ass , low to the dust. Did not you understand ? round the Earth is round it was justified . , by extension , the earth also turn too particular about . " read the book so many years , knowledge of the books and did not learn anything. Is in the mouth of the school met a group of poor people , then it becomes talkative himself hollister outlet uk locations.

I gradually found my people no meaning, and recurrent brain will pop out what strange ideas . No cultural enrichment, all day , then a mouthful of mixed variety McCain . Met a stranger , do not want to talk , they are said to own boring show . Wear a suit, who is said Fei Qi . Talk about the ideal of being informed should go Zhanshanweiwang when the bandits . And friends joke slapstick, outsiders say I'm too jump. Chatting decent equipment installed , said I was too vicissitudes . Post a day Sasa crazy , is said to be crazy. Sometimes want to read the next enrich their inner , but found there I do not know the words in the book ; suddenly kind of went to my primary school language teacher impulse, I proudly told him that he was a student does not recognize Chinese characters full of illiterate. More than twenty alleys , failed to contribute to the country and the people , and every thought of this, distraught hollister outlet uk locations.

Own small when there is a strong savior complex, always thought I would grow up to save the world , safeguarding world peace. Like the ancient Sovereigns and Five Emperors , have their nests , then everyone else . They appear every individual represents a significant step forward in this human society , human society become God's endorsement. When a child 's dream is pure , without thinking about life after facing frustration. Growing up just thinking about implementing belief in my mind , "If I was Xia , good and evil has been reported ," but also a selfless things around the world . With age, he slowly raise the awareness of the world . Today , his own savior complex slowly erode , gone with the wind . Without the ability to dream , not the same as a child when the hero . Black sergeant , gourd , Altman , Monkey, Transformers ....... idol worship of these children left in all of that so young an age . My childhood dream to do when the night : five mountains are not high, Jianghai is not deep , the line in the earth , the line in the river , the line in the sky hollister outlet uk locations. Between heaven and earth, any time I like heart desired , to fire a forehand backhand rain . God from heaven , it should be me in the light of the sun and moon is not enough wins . The Star is not sufficient to assault Mans . Kids' loudly , still thinking of , except chuckle .